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So that was interesting >.>

Okay, so the other day I had told my cousin that I am a lesbian. I trust her with everything. So I was surprised when my aunt came up to me and asked me if I was gay. I knew my cousin must have told her something, so I figured that I had been in the closet long enough; and I told her the truth. She reacted better then I thought she would. But what really bothers me is that, my cousin told her that thinking I would get kicked out. She was wanting to cause problems between my aunt and I. But today when I got home from school I soon realized that my aunt had also said something to my mom.

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Hi There! :p

So, new here, (Hi! xD)

I'm danish, gay, and somehow whinded up with a friend of mine telling me I looked like a guy.. I don't think so, but I think it funny though.. :P Just because I looooove ties..

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I freak myself out..

Today was a good day. I haven't had one of those in a long time. It was also pretty strange because it feels like I'm missing chunks of time. I sort of spent the entire day in a foggy, time-warp thing. I'm having a really hard time focusing on one thing.. I feel like my mind and body are separate, like my mind exists outside of my body.

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Incest on Kid's Programming?

maybe i just have a dirty mind, but the relationship between ashley tisdale, and what's-his-face on high school musical seems vaguely insectual. she's the dominant, he's the submissive and the first time i saw it, i thought they were girlfriend and boyfriend. ew.


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