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Welcoming myself! Hope you all join in!

I'm 14 and joining the group at the advice of people on my forum post. I like politics, socialism, Will Ferrell, and languages. Ich spricht Deutsch, aber ich kann nicht wirklich in es schreiben. Sorry about that, just introducing myself. Check out my profile for more info.

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We think of death.

As we get older...We think of death.
Not willingly but we do
We think of past loves,
past life
Wondering if we did our best.

As we get older we think of death
coming with the cold
the harshness
the finality
our last breath it will wrest.

As we get older We think of death
will it be swift
off the waves crest.

As we get older we think of death
creeping up on us
taking our loved ones
taking our pets
from the east or from the west.

As we get older
we think
Welcomed rest.
Welcomed rest.

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It's.. strange. I never really envisioned myself 'blogging' as it's called, especially publically and about my personal life. I kinda feel.. lost here to be honest. I was exposed to this site by a friend, actually, but I won't reveal any names unless she wants me to, and I originally thought that maybe I'd give it a shot.. people are more openminded here than anywhere else I'm sure, and that's EXACTLY what I need since I tend to step outside of 'normal' boundaries sometimes. Heh. But the whole sexuality thing.. I hope that isn't a huge issue since I'm not even all that sure myself.

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