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If all of you didn't know before, I'm a cunty, black mermaid who parties throughout the eve with all of her sea bitches, and then walks the earth as a white male during the day. I expect that all of you will understand my predicament as a member of mermaidian society marooned in human society and treat me as an equal. This is of course despite the fact that my status as a cunty mermaid puts all of you as inferior to myself.

I honestly have zero idea about what in the flying fuck I'm writing about. I would like to point out that I coined the term seaweave though.

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culmination of an aphotic delirium

You know, i realized the other day that its perfectly fine.... to loose it, give in to those dark and numbing feelings of depression or those mentaly unstable thoughts, people loose it sometimes maybe because they lost the only one they loved, or lost everything, or they feel lost about who they are anymore and are at war with themselves. we go crazy, bonkers, nuts, we cry about it, scream, freak out, and do things we generally regret later on in the day.

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