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Financial Independence

The idea of becoming fully financially independent both scares me and excites me. It is very easy to become accustomed to a certain quality of life, or the "norm" and refuge that families or government grants provide, but such things are transient or are additional; they come due to the good grace of humanity, and I'm no longer a child. It feels like only yesterday, I am a teenager with a sense of entitlement to the income of my parents, and to an extent that perception of entitlement can unfortunately pervade itself through one's life.

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Freedom is within my grasp

school is finally starting back up and I'm EXCITED AS ALL HELL. I've technically graduated but I'm enrolled in a "supper senior year" at the Vo-Tech school and will be working there full-time. HELL YEAH. I've also just gained employment elsewhere so ill soon be able to support myself, YAY FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE AND STABILITY!!!!! hopefully going into the business field while working a few music related side projects as well as a few graphics related jobs here and there. just because i have a knack for business doesn't mean I'm giving up my passions and dreams.

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This is a journal.

I guess i should illuminate a few points before i begin.
My user name is a character from the comic series, Scott Pilgrim. I chose it because the books are on my desk and my friends always tell me I'm like her. Like Kim Pine. Cynical, a little rude, and annoyed by my goofy friends. (Although I really do love them.)
So... To quote Erika Moen, the fantastic author of DAR!
"Hi! I exist! Lemme tell you what i had for lunch."
Except, I skipped lunch today. I'm a vegetarian, and I'm also a cook in a deli.

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I'm so friggin busy, yet I procastinate soooo much :-\

UPDATE: you get to learn Cales and Te's real names!!! look to my journal on 10/16!!! (the names are totally different b/c we have a huge secret code thing they started waaaayyy back in 5th grade, I'm Wesley... i think XD.. )

I have a project to finish, but I kinda don't wanna :-\

I decided to try recording using my super-dooper audio recorder today. Worked pretty well.

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god why don't i just drop out

Background: So I decided to see what would happen if I stopped calling my best friend of fifteen years. He never called me back. He was sick and dying for many of those years and our friendship, and now that he's better and I moved to college (only two hours away) he doesn't have time for me.

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Out at work

I am officially completely 100% out to everyone at my job!

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I post too much, too often...

I have figured out why I care so much all of a sudden about my fingernails. The little kids at my work, think I'm amazing because I paint my nails random colors. With sparkles or multiple colors. It's a pretty cool group of kids...I work at the YMCA. Where they promote "Strong Christian Values." I could giggle everytime I see that sign. It cracks me up.

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so I figured I'd post something a little more happy to get rid of my somewhat melodramatic first post, so here's a small snippet of my day at work yesterday.

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well, i have a boyfriend now... hes really sweet and his name is jimmy.... i liked him about a year ago and never told anyone until about a month or so ago.... and now we have been together for around 3 weeks....

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Work... The Sequel

Well. After five months of hell working with "Jane Doe", who (how shall I put this kindly... oh, hell, there is NO way to put it nicely) was an absolute b*tch, she finally got fired. Jane was one of the biggest homophobes at my work, and harassed me to no end, and even tried to out me to my family before I was ready.

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I hate my job. All they ever do is harass me for being gay. Why can't I ever just go somewhere where being gay doesn't matter?

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soooo tired lol...

sigh...i just got off work...know what that means?...sleep!!
haha yeah right...shiit i got 2 exams tomorrow...math & chems...OMG good thing i only really have to worry about easy but imma still have to read and brush up on the things we learned in the beginning...ahhhhhhhh shiit...i'm sooooooo soooooo TIRED lol...but i have to study, so i can pass...i checked my grades not too long go && i'm getting a 2.8...a frickin 2.8!!!

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