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calling anyone with an opinion...

hey y'all, i need a few names for my story, since i just read a book kinda along the same lines of the one i'm writing, meaning it was a romance and out of the 12 names in my book 8 appeared in the other as well, and don't wanna be accused of ripping off the book i just read...

i need the names that match the following discriptions:

* vampire from the late 18th cen. (b.1774, turned 1790) would prefer a french name or a name with the lang of origin accompanying.

*name for supporting cast, male. pref. popular (c.1970's-2000's) any origin (please specify what origin)

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Call for Poetry Submissions!

Hi guys,
wow, it's been a long time since I looked on Oasis but I figured it was time to make a new account and make a comeback.

Anyway, I'm currently compiling a poetry anthology titled "A Tale of Two Fools - Love Poems Not to Show Your Mother" and thought you guys might like to take part. I'm not going to give you any more guidance than the title and I'll just see what kind of stuff comes out of it. Any poems you submit MUST have never been published before. I know I'm only 19 but wierder things have happened, you never know, it might be in Waterstone's this time next year.

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This just cheered me up a lot...

As I was going through the random junk on my computer, trying to clear up a little memory space because my mother has been too busy to come in and move her files (I mean, come on. This computer has been mine for at least a year or two, and your files are clogging up its memory such that before I can add anything new, I have to go find something expendable to erase. Just move them to your new computer already.), I stumbled upon the remains of a 'book' I started writing when I was maybe thirteen or fourteen. I always knew that the story had no plot.

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Is anyone participating in ScriptFrenzy?

Many people online are familiar with NaNoWrimo, but I'm curious if anyone here is planning on participating in the offset of NaNo, ScriptFrenzy. It starts April 1st is the day you will begin your challenge of writing 100 pages of script in under a month.

I'm excited about it, but a little disappointed because I probably won't be able to produce 100 pages of script and finals for 5 classes in the same month... >_<;

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Let Me Introduce Myself...Again

Thought I should write you guys a letter before i jump back into commenting on your posts. It's long. I know. All my letters are long. I'm a writer. Writing is what I do. Just read it and hush up.

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Hello children (in the voice of Chef)!

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Ugh, No Writing Today

I can't really feel guilty, cuz I did all of my laundry, which I've been putting off for weeks, did a sink full of dishes, got the Oasis Writing Project underway (sign up this week!) and caught up on a bunch of other stuff, but tomorrow, there'll be no excuses. I absolutely MUST get some work done (by work, I mean writing, as opposed to chores, which I did today).

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*Title Omitted* (Writing)


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Random Notes on Being a Writer

Randon Notes on Being a Writer - #42

Genius never strikes at convenient times. Be prepared to lose sleep, be late for appointments and drop all the things you're supposed to be doing when those AHA moments hit (and leave enough time, because the AHA is usually followed by several hours of mad typing or scribbling).

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Upon reflection....

But it's a queer dystopia that I'm creating....

I had my critique with my advanced fiction workshop today.

Like a rug that has been woven too tight, my piece is beginning to crack, but the shellac that it has been coated with (apparently) should protect it.

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Ink on a Road

I don't know about anyone else but I love writing longhand. In my room I have stacks of notebooks, napkins, loose paper, etc. full of snippets, observations, paragraphs, titles, plot-planning, everything.
And I love writing by hand because its a much wider window into emotion and then I transfer over.

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Skip the Steak (Short Story)

I'm on a writing spree!

For once something not as depressing? No?

Right now face the wrath of global warming.

Agen, feedback would be fantabulous. Electrifying even. Okay I should stop.

(idea and style adapted after reading several articles in the time magazine =])

(Idea and credit of the fourth paragraph go directly to an article I read on the time magazine)


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Cereal Killer (Short Story)

Yaya, new installment from Max's new writings! This one is a bit messed up. But I like messed up shit. Deranged even. Sadistic. Depressing. Fucked up. I need new ideas =)

(I know I just posted another story yesterday... but you know I'm kind of in the mood for pumping out short stories)

Tell me what ya guys think~ ^^



Cereal Killer

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Fuck Everything Up (short story)

Everyone else seems to be posting short stories, and truth be told, I'm not up to writing a full journal entry right now. So, here's a little fluffy something I wrote this summer. Concrit is fantastic, people!

Fuck Everything Up
“You always have to fuck everything up, don’t you?”

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Stranger in my Life (Short Story)

I'm really bored! So I wrote this story (not really fond of poems right now).

Kind of inspired by my ex but this story doesn't have any gay themes (hey, not everything we write have to be about gay people.. no?).

Mmm, I hope you guys enjoy! Oh btw, I apologise for the obvious rip off of Mary Doria Russell's style... but I'm sure she won't mind =]

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Ahh, the joys of Spring...

Thanks for your comments.

*this entry has been deleted*

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why is it that entries on oasismag are by and large a million times more interesting, deep, well-written than most of the things i've read on straight teen forums? it's not an attack against them (i'm bi, so it wouldn't make sense to), it's merely an observation. are we more creative than straight people? and why? how?

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No Dostoevsky Tonight

A song I wrote, sort of to blow off steam.

No Dostoevsky Tonight

Some nights I can deal
With Raskolnikov
And such
Some nights it seems
That even Wilde
Is too much

There will be no Dostoevsky tonight
No more Russian angst and blight
I had a bad day, and I'm sorry to say
That I can't read Dostoevsky tonight

Some nights I need calm
So I read Neruda
In the dark

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A Crane Over Yonder..

Something tells me in the back of my eternally crammed, mildly insane mind. That I need to write, not w-r-i-t-e. As in writing slow ponderous thoughts-Which coincidentally is -exactly- what I am doing w-right now.

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I'm gonna go on a TRIP! (This entry contains a long rant; you have now been warned)

So, on Friday I'm going to leave on a trip with my lesbian grandmothers. I'm going to go to Oregon, which is right above California, and since I live on the East Coast of the United States, that's going to be a loooooong plane flight. The trip's going to last for two and a half weeks. I'm kind of scared...

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