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Every good party ends in tears/Stupid Drama

Last night I went to one of my best friend's sweet sixteen party and was having a great time. A lot of my friends were there and we watched movies, threw confetti eggs, and talked about random shit. I unintentionally just had to go and start some drama. My other friend had been texting me the whole time for whatever reason and she texted me something about the girl I like who was also there and I just turned and asked her what it was supposed to mean. And of course everyone stopped and turned to look at me, including of course M, the girl I've liked since 8th grade.

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Day of Silence 2008

Sooooo. Day of Silence. (Wiki if you're not familiar.) Yeahhhh. Day of Silence is a great thing. I did it last year. I really want to do it this year. I'm going to take it to the next level and not write notes, not communicate at all.

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I had an account here once, a few years ago, but I can't remember the username. I really can't.

And I doubt I wrote anything remotely interesting.

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