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MY DAD DOES CARE!!! (somewhat anyway he is still seemingly withheld)

me and my dad finally got something out of the way and it would seem he does care(or did care all along but that is a fact up for debate). but anyway it seems like i told him alot and he didn't tell me much which is not cool cuz i have done that my whole life and we also had to argue it which is a bad omen and i still am wary of the man

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hehe... Today we got assigned new seats in Geometry, and I sit right next to my crush! We work together, and I have a great time with him. Yay!

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BUFFY! Who's heard of it, loves it, can't sleep at night without hearing the soundtrack.

Buffy? did you misspell bunny or something? (hehe, Anya wouldn't like that)
25% (3 votes)
Oh yeah, I saw an episode of that once.
25% (3 votes)
I would have killed myself by now if not for BUFFY!!!
17% (2 votes)
I can name every episode, see: Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest... Hush... Entropy... Chosen.
33% (4 votes)
Ewww, I hate that show, too many gays!
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 12
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What'd Ya'll Get?

Happy Holidays EVERYONE!

I'm just wondering, what'd ya'll get for Christmas, Hannukah, or whatever you celebrate. I got...

-Dell Laptop (For College next year)
-Printer (Also for college)
-Ipod shuffle (It's a little midget thing! :P)
-IDog (so cute)
-a pink fuzzy freakish thing that's a speaker for my Ipod
-SOCKS!!! (Frickin' yes!)

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I just wanted to say

Thank you to everyone because your all so flipping nice!! But no time to write so comments and such will come later.

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