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Adam Lambert and wallets.

I love shopping. I bought a new wallet today, it's like teal, I got it at forever 21 after putting a leopard print trench coat on hold. After buying food i didn't have enough for the trench coat =(
Has anybody bought Adam Lamberts album For Your Entertainment? Probably since it's been out forever. Well I love it. I've been listening to it all day..well and Lady Gaga.

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The Bones Beneath Your Skin

The Bones Beneath Your Skin

Others have gazed at your stormy eyes
In anger, madness, even love
Before me, but none of them have seen
The deep and tender fear behind those eyes
The fear I saw when you looked at me,
Your hands tracing the contours of my throat
And I feel it too, an uncertain falter in the caresses of my hands
It is not each other we fear

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