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Upgraded the members page.

I just finished making a visual update to the profile list page, which will now far more cleanly list the users.

Remember, you need to be logged in to view this page.

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That was a little bit of a Faux Pas

I just realized the gender field on the user profiles only gave you the option of being male or female.

That's completely unforgivable for a site that is meant for people struggling with gender issues.

I've added mtf transexual, ftm transexual as well as none of the above, as options.

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The new Oasis... thoughts?

What do you think? Let us know.

There is still a LOT more coming in the next few days, as well. But today's a huge start.

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Posts will now have friendlier urls.

I have just enabled the URL aliasing feature for new posts and users on Oasis Magazine. It's a subtle thing, but it's an important usability feature.

What this means is that when you post new content, the link won't be just 'node/[some big number]', but instead it will be '[year]/[month]/[title]'.

Users will also be linked as 'user/[user name]' instead of 'user/[user id]'. If you have strange characters in your user name, your profile link might look slightly odd however. It is best to choose a user name without spaces, for instance. Profiles are still only visible to members, so your personal information is still not being indexed by google.

As there is a lot of content on Oasis, it will take a couple of days for friendly urls to be created for all the old content. The old links will still work, so you don't have to worry about that =).

We are edging ever closer to the relaunch of Oasis Magazine. So stick around =)

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Introducing free tagging

I've made a small configuration change to the site, which allows you to assign any number of keywords to your posts.

If you fill in these tags, you will be able to find other posts by people who are writing about the same things (example being homework, music, coming out etc.)

The new Oasis Magazine relaunch is getting real close now =).

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