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(this is a story i wrote in like february but i wanted to post it)

the train rattled clumsily down the track. she stared at the window, but the torrential rain outside ran down the dingy glass in rivulets, obscuring any landscape there might have been. the train swayed slightly from side to side and the dim light on the ceiling swayed with it, casting sickening, moving shadows throughout. the train car smelled musty and damp, and most of the torn seats were stained dark—it was anyone’s guess what color they’d originally been.

i waited.

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rough sketch...

the festering stink of the place is something that could be inadequately described as "rank". to be specific, it smelled like there had been a mass orgy followed by an outbreak of the plague. i resist the urge to pull a face and hold my nose, biting down on the inside of my lip instead. half-dead junkies line the abandoned subway platform, some moaning and twitching, some just staring into their own personal hell. a dog yips and snaps at my feet, but skitters away before i can kick it. some crackhead starts screaming at me about government programs and assassination plots.

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Heyy everyone just a Heads Up and FYI
if you want the best queer related books in toronto but arent in the mood to go buying everybook that looks good, the Toronto public library is the place:P
well not all of then are all that organised but the North York Central Library has A queer section totally worth checking out. its st the North Yorke centre Station(subway wise) right neer Mel Lestmen square (sp?)

anyway so thats where i find my best books so thought id share.

Oh So yeah another thing what are your Favorite Queer slanted Books So far?!!

Out of the Pocket: Book Review

By Jeff Walsh

It's rather amazing that I went to every football game in high school, because I was in marching band, but never learned the rules or found it interesting. I just remember that the timer seemed to stop far too often for my taste.

So, when I got a copy of Bill Konigsberg's "Out of the Pocket," a novel about a gay high school quarterback who's outed in his senior year, I wasn't enthusiastic. Even the title, while I could contextually understand it… I don't even know if it's an actual football term and, if so, I won't be able to tell you if a player is out of the pocket in today's Super Bowl, unless I hear an announcer actually say it.

In any event, the book is the first from award-winning sports journalist Konigsberg and a welcome addition to the world of gay young adult fiction. The novel is about star quarterback Bobby Framingham, whose life is exactly on its intended track. Colleges are considering him for scholarships. He has a kinda-sorta girlfriend. A supportive, but somewhat distant family. But he decides he can't take it anymore and he has to start being honest, until he finds out the hard way that a little bit of honesty can take on a life of its own.

Konigsberg follows Bobby through being outed and its aftermath through leading the team to their championship playoff. The novel shows how coming out challenges friendships, families, and even the person who comes out to embrace life fully.

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Writing Project - Version 2.0

Hi Guys!

Well, thanks to fate, kizmet, a vengeful god, whatever, the original creative writing project that I worked long and hard to create and type up was destroyed when my hard drive crashed on 12/17. I was about to go through the process of recreating it when I had an epiphany. Okay, maybe it was just a good idea, but I like the word epiphany.

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*Title Omitted* (Writing)


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Short "short story"... any comments?

Thanks for your comments.

*this entry has been deleted*

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Untitled Novel Beginning

Gregory my best friend in S.F. says i should start writing the story in my head. SO HERE GOES! This is just the beginning, this work will probably be very very very long. I have no idea what to call it, but it is what it is. Hope you enjoy it!

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General informaton on Svernlguerre

The Generally Known History of Svernlguerre

Many eons ago, Svernlguerre was divided into thousands of city states, all at war and peace with each other, some ruled by man, others by dragons. Although conflict was eternal, most of the peoples of the land were content with their daily lives, though some dreamed of greatness, either through dominion or through the creation of a utopia. Then, out of the expansive desert to the east, a great evil appeared, and took power over all of the land. The evil forces used the power of souls, all those past, present and future, to give them special prowess in their fields, whether it was battle, stealth, or magic. No mortal force could oppose them, and even dragons found themselves unable to hold back the encroaching hordes. Many, both fleshed and scaled, were slaughtered as they fought to protect their homelands. These dire opponents from afar became known as The Great Taint.

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