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"Oh? Him?"

Myke and me were at our home,
it's really really funny.
His friend is talking to him,
while I was watching T.V.

"That boy I see Jaize with...
Who is he?"
Myke smiles as his answer forms. I can see it from the corner of my eyes.
"Oh? Him?
He's just the boy that makes Ronni smile,
and think. He makes her fall in love."
Myke said.
Corny sniggered.
I smiled.

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Grr I want to say Cute!

Blah this is a horrible thing in and of itself but all day I've been wanting to say that so-and so looks cute, or someone's voice is cute or my crush is SO cute. But I haven't!

I feel pretty upbeat right now and all but I self-consciously checked myself each time I wanted to call something cute since it would've sounded 100% gay with the mood I'm in added with the simple word.

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Secret Synonyms for Gay

A secret synonym could be described as a word you and a friend share as an inside joke, a word that relates a random event known only to a select few, or your mental descriptor for a certain something.

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I just looked up the word homoerotic on Dictionary.com, and I got this definition:

1. Of or concerning homosexual love and desire
2. Tending to arouse such desire

This is just a thought, but should anything concerning lesbian love and desire be considered "lesboerotic"? It's just an idea.

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I've finally removed the baind aid but there seems to be some stitches left...

That is how I feel about myself right now. I hid my sexuality from myself, sewed it up then covered that with a nice band aid of denial.
After four days of lurking on this site I finally got my e-mail so I could log in. I just wrote this really long entry and stupid me forgot to save it somewhere else in case the page c hanged or something. So I am starting the whole thing over. Its very frustrating but what can you do.

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