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so the most awkward thing happened during christmas.
my grandma asked about my sex life (by the way non-existant) which was kind of weird*sarcasm*(it was really weird)
she didnt directly ask, she was more like" are you in a relationship".
~~me: no
her: oh i really want grandchildren
Me(in my head ) : well that sucks

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Stuck in a rut.

People make me wanna cry my armor is broken and the wall is down. I’ve been stabbed in the back and kicked to the ground I don’t know how to be happy anymore. I don’t know who to trust anymore, I don’t know who my friends are. I’m gone and I don’t think I’m coming back, my mind has cracked.

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So I had jux told him . . . .

Right now i am pretty young, still a high school student. Just this school year I had told some of my friends that I was gay. The first was a friend who I considered a sister. We were pretty close since we lived next to each other for three years and knew almost everything about each other.

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My mom...

Greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat. So. Today my dad told me that my mom was "uncomfortable with my feelings for girls." And proceeded to remind me (actually in a really nice way; I know it's a lot more my mom's viewpoint than his) that being so open and out about my sexuality could make people see and treat me differently, and could lead to total badness outside of NYC.

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Yeah... I can't think of anything else that makes straight people uncomfortable although...

I did almost get charged with sexual harassment. Yeah. In the words of our former president, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Lets start from the beginning, why don't we. Friday there was a fight at school. One guy had knocked another to the floor, pinned him against the wall, and started kicking his head. The attacker is/was my crushes boyfriend.

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I cant think of anything that can make straight people more uncomfortable than sleeping with them.

ok... so...
In chemistry we were doing something with the metric system so I said "King Henry Drives Backwards Down Curvy Mountains" (Kilo, Hecta, Deka, base, Deci, Centi, Milli). My crush said not down my mountains. I replied no, but I do. It took her a second to get it. Then she laughed. Then she realized that I said that to her. Yeah.

So I said, "You know what would make my holidays happy? Spending them with you." Her reply was "Well if my boyfriend is still grounded, then maybe you will." *Jumped with joy*

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Sleeping with straight people makes them the most uncomfortable

I didn't really do that either. So this probably wont be as funny as the others but I'll try. The others were completely true and I was not trying to be funny but am glad they came out that way. (no pun intended)

I asked my crush if she was taking me to the movies. (I needed a confirmation). She said it depends. I replied " on what... my motives?" She anwered yes. Ok. so... knowing that my motives are no good, (although I'm not sure that she's sure what my motives are) she's taking me to the movies. (Poor crush, she thinks I've just been messing around and joking with her this whole time).

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