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Frustrated again.

I'm currently living at home, both for the upcoming holidays and because my panic attacks and bad reactions to my medicine were making finishing the semester impossible, even if it's only a week or two. I do feel like being home is helping with my anxiety in that I can sort of get away from the crowded chaotic-ness of dorm life and college.

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Panic attacks.

I'm having one right now. I know because my breathing feels more strained, and I can't concentrate. I know that I'm panicking because of a couple of things. The biggest one right now is probably, surprisingly, not the paper I have due in like an hour. It's actually feminism.

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The LGBT Teen's Guide to Escaping High School

My name is Sam, and I'm a gay high school dropout. It's not because I wasn't smart, or couldn't do the work. Until about middle school, I was the kind of straight-A apple-polisher who made Lisa Simpson look like Ralph Wiggum. It was the bullying. If you're reading this article, you probably know what I'm talking about. Not a single class period went by without someone slinging anti-gay slurs at me. Not a single day went by without someone hitting me, tripping me, or pushing me into a locker.

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Life is good... So far..

College is soooo much better than high school! I finally got away from all those judgmental freaks I used to have to call my classmates. Ok.. So they weren't all judgmental freaks.. Just most of them.. Anyways I really haven't been on here in a while and thought y'all might like to know that I'm no longer in the closet, At least not completely. (my mom and dad still don't know, but it's only a matter of time. I personally think they're in denial.

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Do I really want a gender change?

Have you every thought, "I want a sex change...or do I?"

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I feel so unbearably frustrated at the moment. Everyone keeps pissing me off and spring break honestly can't get here fast enough. I need a break, I feel like I'm working my ass off in every class with no end. :/

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Going to college or in in college anyone?

For some reason when I logged into this site today I started to wonder how many other members are either in college or plan to attend college soon. I am a full time college student myself. Just curious is all ;)


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College Process, YAY! (Only... not.)

Who here is going through this wonderful process right now? Who's already done it? Any advice for us poor slobs undergoing it now? Where did people end up/what schools are people looking at us? Who wants to tell us about the GLBTQ scenes at their respective colleges?

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Back to school

In a few weeks I'll be starting my second college program. Well, really I guess it's a prepotory program but....yeah, going back to school. Which is kind of intimidating. I've been out of high school for almost 5 years. Which makes me sound incredibly old. Well, I'm 21 so hopefully I'm not too old for Oasis. You guys would tell me right??? haha. I still need you all and I like it here so I hope you don't all kick me out :) I'm sure I'll have LOTS of crushes to report to you when I'm in college. Including my return crush on the girl from Guatemala ;D Anyways...

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Coming out to my roomate

So I'm 18 and getting ready to head off to college, and start a new life partially on my own. I recently decided to go ahead and come out to some friends during my last year of high school right before school let out. So far the outcome is very good, and I haven't had any troubles or backlash from telling people. But in a few months, I will be meeting and moving in with my roommate for college, and I wanna know first whether or not I should tell him that I am gay. Second, I want to know how should I go about telling him.

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Thank you Riku for mentioning Philip Glass...

I'm really into Philip Glass. Pretty cool stuff. I like instrumental music a lot. I have been listening to a lot of soundtracks lately including musicals, Disney movies (Phil Collins), Titanic, and the like (suggestions are welcome : ).

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Lost. I really could use some insight.

I am lost and I don't know what to do. My life, if it ever was together, is falling apart. I lost my best friend of fifteen years because he's obsessed with his girlfriend and can't be bothered to keep in touch. I'm trying to move on from the horrors of my first-year drama and friends, but it's hard to make new friends all at once and I'm shy about getting close to people.

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Hey, I haven't been on in a while because I didn't have internet access all summer, which was awful beyond all awfulness. Anyways, I'm at college now. It's okay. I'm thinking about transfering because I'm not being challenged. A bout of depression is coming on, which sucks.

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Well. Today was my first day of classes. I had Physical Science, and then Convo [we have to go to 40 in the 4 years of college here], then College Writing. Then I went to lunch and hung out with my new friend Sarah for a while. Now I'm sitting in my dorm room alone [no roommate, people hate me I guess] litening to music. I have to leave in a little bit for Christian Faith.

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college and its myth of sparkling intellectualism: my miserable disillusionment

I thought college would be a bastion of spirited intellectualism, that there would be so many more people like me, that I would love my classes. There would be vibrant lectures and debates, I would think deeply about hard issues every day, I would go to art shows and concerts and plays, I would play music, write music, sing music, become a poet.

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GSA meeting/events

My GSA meeting was yesterday and it was fun!

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Classes have been ok. I have both my 1st Exams for HNA and Math next Thurs. Kickboxing has been good,although,except for the bodybag stuff and my turn to hold it for my partner,hehe. My hamstrings are sore though,gotta stretch for longer I guess. I started work on my 1st project for 3-D design and have 2 more days(but could include weekend) until the duedate of the 11th.

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Very odd situation

Ok so this is a double edged sword sort of deal but here it goes...So after a couple weeks of trying to get scholarships I had one land on my doorstep. I'm an eagle scout in the Boy scouts and they offered me a half tuition scholarship to one of the colleges in my state that has a great teaching program.

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this is not an introduction

Recently, my mother found and watched two lesbian movies on my computer, Saving Face and When Night is Falling (both of which are superb lesbian movies that trump all of the ones I've seen before--WNiF definitely earns my award for best lovemaking scene).

It was a considerable nightmare.
My dad stopped the car in a parking lot.

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I'm going! To college! In five days!

Smith, of course, which is excellently queer. We shall see how the all-girls' thing pans out.

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