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college is fucking amazing!!!

hey guys!!!

first off, if all you guys heading into your senior year want an amazing school to check out seriously look at lewis and clark college in portland oregon... this place is unbelieveable!!!!

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IMVU Yay, another place to talk

I found such a neat place to talk, chat, exchange ideas, and such. It is a chat room, but so unlike any that i found before. Here i can see who i am talking to and interact with them. No not their pic, not a cam, but a avaitar type of thing, a sim if u will. i choise a body type, a hair style, clothing to ware, and so on until i had a person who looked like me looking back at me on the monitor.

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First Day of College

Well, today was my first day of School at Sinclair Community College. I had two classes today: MAT 101: Elementary Algebra, and LAW 101: Business Law 1. Tomorrow, I have ACC 121: Financial Accounting. I hope to survive tomorrow, because I know for a fact that I have the campus's toughest professor.

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Parents, College. The military.. I'm a liar..

I told my mom a while back that I was "lk that" and wasn't going to change. She seemed okay with it... She said it was my choice and just to know that once I make that choice, (to come out to all or to be with a girl) that nothing would be the same. Life would be harder. So, thanks? I mean I thought it was okay. Too good to be true???

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My Christmas

Dec. 25, 06
I feel like I have accomplished nothing! I've been off from work 2 days and there is nothing to do! I've cleaned. I've got on the net, I've slept, I've done everything I can possibly do and it is boring! I can't wait til LIFE starts again. To think.. This IS life for a low of people- stay home and do shit- how boring!

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I GOT IN! $6000!!!

For those of you who have heard my complaining and whining of my college essay, there's good news...


Also, they're offering $6,000 in scholarships which covers my tuition for Truman State. I just need $5,500 to pay for my room and board. (And who knows how much for living expenses). I'm not sure if I want to go there, but I'm very interested.

I'm so excited.

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Holy Holy Crap

I got into college, IUPUI Indianapolis, to study on becoming a teacher of either English or History. I can't really write much more than that.

Well, maybe put a fuck yeah somewhere in there.

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