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Ode to an Eye-Booger

Oh blurry thing in my left eye,
why do you visit my eye this time?
You usually don't show up a lot,
but when you do I blink you out.

Blurry thing in my eye,
if you're a cataract say goodbye,
if you're dust, that's cool,
maybe I'll dust this room,

Blurry thing in my eye,
are you always nigh?
For what and why,
do you fancy this eye?

But soon, like always, you then depart from my eye.
Then maybe I'll see you, whenever you come back, next time.

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Kids shows/movies from the 90s

Does anyone remember how cool kids shows used to be?
In this generation of Ben 10's and Power Ranger re-runs (re hashes?), I can't imagine how any child can grow up like that.

I remember coming home after school for disney afternoons and watching Darkwing Duck and Ducktails. As lame as it sounds, I still watch those shows when I feel all nolstalgic and lame. I remember ROFLing everywhere at Launchpad McQuack and his failures as a pilot. Even better were the disney channel movies like Brink (dude, rollerblading was so awesome in that movie) or The first halloween town.

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Nitrous oxide

-Laughing gas, makes you giddy. I'm giddy. Ugh.

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Hey Mickey.

So, I was taking a walk and I suddenly remembered that I want my movie back from Sora (Well, actually, my dad does... He hasn't seen it all the way through, he fell asleep.), since I was right by her house anyways (She lives down the block from me.) I decided to go over there.

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Like a child

I wrote this long entry and pressed a button and it all dissapreared. 0_0 My computer sux. But it dosen't really matter.

Today I felt like a little kid. It's great. The world seems so magical and new when you're little. So I just sort of let all logic go and went back to that.
It would be so awesome if I could have a room where all of the furniture was designed big so it made me feel little again. Mabye I can do that some day. I'd hang all sorts of colourful decorations around the room, and I'd do things that I did when I was little. A room of nostaliga. Wouldn't that rock?

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