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Untitled poem

*this entry has been deleted*

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I came out to a coworker today.

I did it because the coworker was asking me questions and I was asking them questions and they asked if I had a 'significant other' and I somehow took the que and said not until later on... and I'm not sure about my current feelings/somethingorother. And they nodded and went on and I went on and we talked about it for about 10 minutes.

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Death Note!

Yesterday I got volumes 2, 3, and 4 of Death Note from the library, and I've finished them all already. ^_^ I love this series. God, I swear, Light is starting to get so EVIL and mentally unstable. He's scaring me... o.o

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My gay umbrella

Did anyone know I have a gay umbrella? I do! It's rainbow colored and it's really big. I think I'll name her Susie. She's a butch lesbian who lives with her partner, Karen the invisible umbrella (who is also butch), and works part-time as my family's umbrella. :D

Wow. That was random. :D I think this weird entry resulted from a lack of gayness in my life. I need to meet other queer kids. Grr.

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Feeling Brief...

It's raining and lightening. I love lightening.

I'm working a piece of music. I had major brain-block this afternoon, but it went away and I'm writing the piece again.

God I love lightening.

My report card was really, really good. And I quit my stupid science program, so I don't have to do a science project for the next three years.

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Things that tick me off..

Because I feel like being a pessimist. I can't be entirely optimistic all of the time right? So I'm going to make a list of pet peeves and stuff. Because I'm bored...

  • When people say that Photography is not an art. When I hear people say this you can probably see smoke come out of my ears.
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Just because I like girls dosen't mean I'm like a guy

So.. Friday I slept over at Soras place. Which I haven't done for a while. Was fun... I came out to her brother who apparently hasn't heard yet. He was looking at this wrestling stuff and he's asking me if I think those guys are hot at all and I'm all "eww" (Well, they were all overly-buffed and in speedos.

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Riku here...

I just wrote something and then I was stupid and pressed a button and the stuff I just wrote is gone.. But I'm in a good mood so I'll just write it again. Whatever...

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Just feel like putting this somewhere, just because.
But just scroll past it to read my random ramblings.
Its 12:30am here. And I'm tired but not tired enough apparently.
And I've had a long last.. Ah. 4 Days.
And I'm starting year 10 on Monday :|

Anyway. Here's the writings...

hold me close, you said.
but then you heard the front door

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Candles, power outs, apple juice, cousins, and crazyness.

Well, It's been like a week right? You'll understand why I haven't posted for a week if you read what happened. =3

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teehee i'm sitting here on this site wile my openly gay frend (who doesnt know im gay) is playing dance dance revolution 5 feet away from me!!!! (sorry this is kinda random but i find it funny)

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Like a child

I wrote this long entry and pressed a button and it all dissapreared. 0_0 My computer sux. But it dosen't really matter.

Today I felt like a little kid. It's great. The world seems so magical and new when you're little. So I just sort of let all logic go and went back to that.
It would be so awesome if I could have a room where all of the furniture was designed big so it made me feel little again. Mabye I can do that some day. I'd hang all sorts of colourful decorations around the room, and I'd do things that I did when I was little. A room of nostaliga. Wouldn't that rock?

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