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Whose bedroom is this, anyway?

So I'm back at home again, in my old bed. I haven't been here to sleep in three months. And it's weird, because at college I've been mostly presenting as male, and identifying as male, for the past month or so, even a little more than that maybe. I love my bed, I love my room, but it is so unmistakably a typical girl's room that I feel confused. It feels weird. It's like seeing myself in pictures.

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Like a child

I wrote this long entry and pressed a button and it all dissapreared. 0_0 My computer sux. But it dosen't really matter.

Today I felt like a little kid. It's great. The world seems so magical and new when you're little. So I just sort of let all logic go and went back to that.
It would be so awesome if I could have a room where all of the furniture was designed big so it made me feel little again. Mabye I can do that some day. I'd hang all sorts of colourful decorations around the room, and I'd do things that I did when I was little. A room of nostaliga. Wouldn't that rock?

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