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The ex, again.

My ex-girlfriend walked into the dining hall this morning, walked into brunch with a girl at her side.

Her one and only best friend is in Mongolia, so it's not like this girl is a friend. As far as I can tell.

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In Which Mouse is Incapable of Making Good Decisions and Kisses This Girl a Lot

So I'm dating this girl. As of two evenings ago. I enjoyed hanging out with her when I met her at college; she's this cool playwright who is very energetic and dynamic and talks all the time, but in a good way because she has so much to say.

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i have a problem. i'm still sorta friends with my ex, after two (or maybe three) years of going out with her, then breaking up, then going out and so on. anyway, now i'm going out with a different girl, who i'm really in love with, but i'm not sure how, or if, to talk to my ex about it.

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I'm back

okay, this is weird. i haven't been on in...wow, more than a year. but i'm sorta back, i suppose. god, my life is so screwed up right now.

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"authentic mexican"

the very first night
we entertained
the idea of being
together for a time
it was unbelievable
in a sense
shocked that
a girl like you
could be interested
in a girl like me
so excited to've found
who i thought i was
looking for all along
who i thought i wanted
but you were too scared
and i was too fragile
you left, and i broke
into a million peices
that couldn't be put

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When boyfriends just want to be friends

There was this kid I liked and he liked me. and then he left me a voicemail one night... I seen him for the first time on a tuesday evening and everything seemed to go okay...

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[Emo supremo, for the win! =)]

He tricked my eyes with jungles of light;
He cheated my mind with words.
His Sun was really dressed in moon,
His halves split into thirds.

His voice, it rained a melody’s hand;
It shone a robin’s verse.
But his whispers coursed with lies and ash,
His footsteps sang a curse.

I didn’t know that fiction thrived
In his smooth and gentle hands.

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a day once treasured, but now means nothing...

Sigh...today is the day we would've made 4 months....but instead it's the day that we make a month from our break up...blah...when i woke up this morning, it didn't hit me until i was washing dishes before leaving to go to the bus stop...it was like a...idk...but it was like BAM "it's been a month since she went out of my life"...

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Is it creepy or is it just me?

hey yeah...well i was gonna post this when i last came on but didn't have time and as i said on that post i'm sorta pressed for time because i'm not supposed to be on except for school stuffies...okie but yeah...

As i've mentioned in my old...old posts lol i went out with this girl for like 1 or 2 days and well long story short...dumped me and blah blah blah...go read those posts if you want to know lol...but anyways, i guess i was in that mood where i was still hurting because of my recent breakup and just wanted to hookup with...whoever...and she had, i guess, right timing because she started talking to me after and stuff wondering if there could be another chance and at that moment i was like sure fuck it...maybe something could happen this time but i told her that we should just be friends for awhile and hang out and see where it goes...

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