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What you hear everywhere and nowhere- my sad story

I don't know what inspired me to search on the band Oasis, well yeah obviously because I love that band, actually I meant I don't know what or who inspired me to search on the band Oasis at this exact moment. I was feeling really really low today and I finally found an outlet for my emotions. Thanks to whichever deity that is looking upon me.

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I Already Love This Place

Welll... where to start.
Hello Journal
My name is Rina.
Not my real name, but... YEAH!!!
I write. A lot...
Less than I used to. I really miss it.
But I go on Queer Attitude a lot (LGBT site)
And I post what I write on Wattpad (Writing site)
And this is like both of them combined; like writing for gay people.
Not that Watty doesn't have gay people... but...
There's less Straight people!
Okai, that was Stracist.
but everyone's a little bit Stracist sometimes.
Although there's a lot more Gaycist people... and even more racist people.

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Bye all :(

Yeah, so I'm leaving Oasis b/c some people are backstabbing assholes...

Someone's telling everybody about my account, so I'm gonna delete it soon, already deleted all the entries. I hate drama, and almost everyone around here is full of it.

So this is goodbye, if any of you wanna stay in contact with me, just PM me before the account's gone, and I'll give ya a contact :)


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i wish dreams really did come true...

I had a dream last night that was something I've been wishing and wishing to happen. Firstly, (in the dream) one of my friends joined Oasis. I remember in the dream her username was Michelleasusual or something. Anyways, she commented on one of my posts, one of my angsty why-doesn't-K-love-me ones, but not one where I mentioned "K", so she was like, "Um, what were you talking about here?" I told her to read my other posts and if she figured out who K was to please not say anything. Then, later on in the dream, K herself was like, "Isn't Oasis that site you're on?

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Thanks, Everyone

Thanks to all of you who posted comments in response to my resignation. I had given it careful thought, and had decided that it was the best thing alll round, but your responses (especially yours, Bulldyke), convinced me that I AM doing worthwhile work here. So after I take a couple of days to rest and recouperate (it's been a pretty emotional time for me...just ask Jon), I will be back again.

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How Oasis Started?

I'm curious as to how Oasismag got started and the history behind it? I only heard about this site a few weeks ago, and really almost by accident.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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I've decided to get a black kitten

... so i can call him Hitler Bin Laden Seacrest

Either that or one of those hairless breeds , so i can call her Full Brazilian =P

I just got a whole set of black suede furniture, so there's no way i can get a non black cat.

BTW: I enabled anonymous comments on oasis, and we have a spiffy new spam catcher.

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Oasis Magazine is back!

We're back in the land of living!

The site was down for the last several days due to a complication in the move to the new server we now reside on.

Basically, the server we were on was meant to be decommissioned at the end of January, but due to a technical issue, it was accidentally decommissioned 2 weeks early.

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Don't you just love...

...how busy the site is now the Gay Like Me project is underway?

I think its great! like once the new format of the site came in everything seemed to slow down in a sense, but now the site is a beehive of activity!

Want to review books for Oasis?

As we're finally about to get the launch up and running properly (should be switching to a new server very soon, breaking out oasisjournals.com, etc.), one piece of the puzzle is also going to be book reviews.

Get involved with the Oasis "Gay Like Me" Project

Yikes, can't take a mini-holiday from the site anymore... entire projects spring up in my absence (as well they should).

Pat Nelson Childs has taken a post by our very own haNa and turned it into a full-on book proposal where anyone can contribute artwork, writing, editing, etc., to create a book about what it is like to be a gay teen today.

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Umm...Happy New Years??

Happy New Years, everyone! Hope y'all had fun last night and the night before with your...whoever you're hanging out with. Lol. XDD

Not much to say...I've resumed my story writings. :3

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The new Oasis... thoughts?

What do you think? Let us know.

There is still a LOT more coming in the next few days, as well. But today's a huge start.

Welcome to the new Oasis Magazine!

To celebrate our 11th Anniversary online, we are expanding in a big way.

In the next few days, there will now be two major changes:

Oasis Magazine (www.oasismag.com) which will change to feature interviews with openly queer novelists, musicians, actors, comics and role models, as well as reviews of DVDs, movies, books, and music of interest to our audience.

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